Alive and Obsessed!

I haven’t been crafty in at least six months. Such a long story but let’s just say that I have been occupied with lots of other things. ¬†They all measured up to me not having a crafty feeling. And then I saw this picture that intrigued me! The Ten Stitch Blanket. Now I have posted numerous times that I am pattern challenged! Knitting, crochet, needlepoint, I love all three but tend to need showing rather than telling. So the pattern is on Ravelry and is free compliments of Frankie Brown.

So I downloaded the pattern and attempted to figure it out. Not!! Then I went to my old standby You Tube and thanks to Very Pink I think that I basically have it now. Well Kinda.

This is a practice piece and I will be able to do the real deal after this. I think? It’s supposed to be a square? Mine is a rectangle so far which is fine. My edges are not pretty but what the heck. The corners are short rows and since I couldn’t find the 2013 pattern where Frankie went row by row, I actually typed it from looking at a copy of the pattern online. Don’t have it memorized I just look at it each time.

Has anyone done this? Will let you know of my progress.

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Glass or no Glass?

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Freeform Oops!

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Freeform Purse part 1

Okay, okay I’m all over the place but I will be working on this until I finish it. Then I have to make more. The ideas are coming faster than I can work on them!

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My Pillow Talk Part 3

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Needlepoint Blocking Board

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My Needlepoint Storage Solutions

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My Pillow Talk Two

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Bullion Stitches?

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Pillow Talk

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